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HealthReach & You

  • HealthReach is a Condition Management Program designed to help plan participants with chronic conditions get back on track and stay compliant while helping to reduce future healthcare costs.


  • During the first call your nurse will gather important information on your health and you will both work together to create goals. Your nurse will work with you and your schedule, and follow up calls will be every 4-6 weeks until you have completed the program.


Welcome To MaterniCare

  • MaterniCare is a maternity management program specifically designed with the health of you and your baby in mind – and it’s available to you at no additional cost.


  • The program is voluntary and will provide you with valuable information and additional benefits to help with the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Care Manager

Working with Your Care Manager

  • HealthReach Care Managers are specially trained Registered Nurses and Certified Coaches who take into account each member’s individual circumstances and personal factors.


  • Care managers also provide health coaching, medical resources and information for participants and their families.

Tobacco Cessation

Welcome to Tobacco Cessation

  • The HealthReach Tobacco Cessation Program offers resources to help you quit smoking or using tobacco.

  • This program will help break your addiction to nicotine which will make you much more likely to succeed when quitting tobacco.

Diabetes Management

Welcome to Diabetes Management

  • Through a partnership with Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS), participants who are enrolled with HealthReach receive name-brand diabetes supplies, delivered to their home, at no cost.

  • Eligible members and dependents may receive up to a 90-day supply of namebrand diabetes supplies, delivered to your door, at no cost to you.

HealthReach is for anyone on the medical plan including the employee, spouse and dependents over 18.

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