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HealthReach is for eligible OVESC staff currently enrolled in the health insurance plan.

Tobacco Cessation

Welcome to Tobacco Cessation

  • The HealthReach Tobacco Cessation Program offers resources to help you quit smoking or using tobacco.

  • This program will help break your addiction to nicotine which will make you much more likely to succeed when quitting tobacco.

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Site Topics: 

  • COVID-19 has many people feeling stressed, alone, or worried about their health. It’s a lot to deal with if you’re trying to stop smoking or stay smokefree if you've already quit. But not smoking (or using any tobacco products) is one of the best ways to protect and improve your health.

  • Quit Smoking Resources

  • It's Always a Good Time to Quit

    • Learn about nicotine withdrawal​

    • Try a quit smoking medication

    • Manage your stress and be kind to yourself

    • Look out for signs of depression

    • Don't give up

    • Learn about secondhand smoke and make smokefree rules at home

    • Focus on the things you can control

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